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There’s an info that we should NOT ignore! An info I got from my Photographer group member about a free web hosting, no spam and advertisement! Moreover it has 350 MB space free!!!.

I’m sure about this since I tried already and this web is an approved site. I found it very easy to configure and takes only little time so you can have your own web host, blog space or photo gallery.

With their own template will make the web soo good so there is no need other application or external template. However I found out that if we’re going to change between templates, our own data will be gone and you need ot have more preparation on backup.

I, myself using Mambo which is free license, very easy to configure and also soo many templates available.

So feel free to register your own at 000webhost. I made some ‘how to’ for installing this Mambo on your site. All Mambo and ‘how to’ has been put into this site at here.

So,,, what are you waiting for, let have your own web.

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