Second Surprises – ASEP 2008

Second Surprises – ASEP 2008




It is imperative that the younger generation of ASEAN  be well prepared and informed about the future roles and responsibilities in making ASEAN  a more consolidated and prosperous region. It is hoped that the experience will enrich the lives of these students in terms of new knowledge, cultural understanding, maturity and the making of life-long friends within the ASEAN  region.


“We relate to each other because we are similar.

We learn from each other because we are different.



Each country will be represented by six students and two accompanying teachers/officials. All in-country expenses pertaining to accommodation, meals and local transportation will be borne by the host country. This however, will not include the cost of international air tickets, telephone calls as well as personal allowances for participants.

The programme hopes to attract ASEAN and China best and brightest based on the following criteria:

Between 15 and 18 years old
Able to communicate in English
Independent and highly motivated
Display leadership qualities
Able to communicate and express ideas well
Active in both curricular and extra-curricular activities
Possess a general awareness of ASEAN own national culture

Activities have been designed to benefit students in the following areas:
establishment of friendship
cultivation of positive moral values and character development
familiarity with own and other ASEAN cultures
awareness of the significance of ASEANness.
historical and socio-cultural enrichment

We should not mind so small a flower

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah. Another surprises being given by my kid, she has been chosen by Ministry of Education of Indonesia for entering this year program of Asean Student Exchange in KL.



The goal of the programme is geared towards the strengthening the spirit of ASEAN  by cultivating a sense of awareness and appreciation of their own country and efforts towards nationhood among students in South East Asian  with the ultimate goal of crafting global citizen working for the ASEAN  peace and understanding in a diverse world and region.

The objectives of the programme are as follows:

to build new education network opportunities, through linking schools within the ASEAN, and to strengthen existing regional educational networks to spearhead educational excellence within the region.

To promote and cultivate understanding and cooperation among students of ASEAN  especially in areas which relate to educational, social and geo-political lives of the ASEAN.

To provide the platform by which students will have the opportunity to understand the various cultures, traditions, economic and social development activities.

To promote friendship and diplomacy with ASEAN acquaintances and partners within an education network programme.
To provide students with the opportunity to understand and appreciate patriotism and efforts towards nationhood.

To facilitate and encourage the process of healthy discussions, exchange of ideas, viewpoints and intellectual offerings of different perspectives over education issues, matters of common interests and future directions pertaining to ASEAN.

The anticipated outcome resulting from the programme is the provision of inter-cultural learning opportunities to help students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to create a more just and peaceful ASEAN region based on the core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance.

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