MantaWatch: Intern’s Diary: Anindita’s First Impressions

MantaWatch: Intern’s Diary: Anindita’s First Impressions

September has been really fun for me. First I ‘celebrated’ my 21st birthday on a boat in the middle of the sea between Indramayu and Biawak Island, and it only gets better!

Right now I am in Labuan Bajo, NTT because I won a Guy Joseph MantaWatch Award. I am doing a manta ray conservation internship with MantaWatch, supported by Guy’s Trust. MantaWatch and Guy’s Trust are both based in UK.

As you can see by the name, MantaWatch specializes in manta rays. And yes, I will be (well hopefully) diving with mantas a lot. Besides that, through this internship we hope that we get photos and supporting data to help us learn as much as possible about the manta population, where the aggregation sites are and maybe where would they migrate.

(This is an extract from Dita’s blog. To read the full story, go to

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