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Wat Pho’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2013

"Wat Pho's wishing you a Happy New Year 2013"

Wat Pho’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2013

The temple is considered the first public university of Thailand, teaching students in the fields of religion, science and literature through murals and sculptures. In 1962 a school for traditional medicine and massage was established.
The temple is home to one of the earliest Thai massage schools. Traditional Thai massage and medicine is taught at the Traditional Medical Practitioners Association Center, an open air hall outside the temple. For Thai massage therapists, the medical inscription inside the temple acts as a base for treatment. There are 60 plaques inscribed, 30 each for the front and back of human body. Therapeutic points and energy pathways known as sen were engraved and the explanations were carved on the walls next to the plaques. Full research on the diagrams is still not completed – the derivation so far is that the figures represent relationships between anatomical locations and effects produced by treatment at those locations.

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