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Puncak Lawang – Lawang Peak

"Puncak Lawang - Lawang Peak"

Puncak Lawang - Lawang Peak

Cool breeze hitting your body as it moved toward the top of Lawang. At the peak of ± 1210 m altitude above sea level, we can enjoy the beauty of the area of villages serrounding, Lake Maninjau and Samudra Indonesia. Not surprisingly, this place since the Dutch colonial era has become the choice of rest of the bangasawan Netherlands. From Puncak Lawang, we can enjoy the spectacular views, Blue sky blends with the blue sea.

Carita Beach

"Carita Beach"

Carita Beach

Morning Blue at Carita beach.
Accessible from Jakarta over a fair road, the visitors can reach it in less than 3 hours, one third of which is over a toll road, which is being extended to the extreme western part of Java in Merak. Here again, most visitors arrive from Jakarta, as Bandung is more than 6 hours away from Carita by road.